Sunday, 23 February 2014

Box set of floats for both river and still water.

Various sized avons and bodied wagglers.

Sarkanda reed wagglers with cane inserts.

Corkpike floats with matching perch bobbers with reed and cane stems,along with balsa and cane chubber floats.

Porcupine wagglers along with porcupine avons with balsa bodies.

Tench lifter floats in four different sizes,balsa on cane with cork sight bobs.


  1. A stunning arsenal of floats Mark both aesthetically and by design! Must have a couple of those tench lifters from you for my collection sometime. Maybe the next batch. Well done mate, superb!

    1. Hello Richard thanks for your kind words...the tench lifters are very popular if you want any floats making just give me a shout.
      Thanks again.